FFXIV: Adventures Earning Amon’s Glamour Set

Up until level 50, Amon mostly rocked the Brand New outfit that you get from doing the sprout tutorial around level 15. Once he unlocked Syrcus Tower, the DPS queue struggle to earn Amon’s full gear set began. These are his glamour adventures!

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ One Day My Loot Will Drooop ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Farming ST for Amon’s outfit as glamour. Current status – yes, I’m documenting this for “fun.”

Total Runs So Far – 13

  • 3rd Run – Pants
  • 6th Run – Boots 
  • 8th Run – Sash*
  • 10th Run – Boots & Pants drop again XD
  • 11th Run – Pants Again
  • 12th Run – Pants Again ;-;
  • 13th Run – Pants AGAIN?

*I know the Sash doesn’t show, but I took it to be a completionist! 

Amon’s Hat!!

It took me 15 runs, but I finally got THE hat! That 23 min queue wait was worth it. I also got the sleeves on the run before… so all I need left is the coat and I can finally stop farming for glamour!

The sleeves look really funky without the coat, so I didn’t glamour them into this set yet. But… soon… I hope

Tale of Two Amons

Still farming ST for my last glamour drop, that drops, ironically, from Amon. The last fight with Amon, while it didn’t earn my drop, did have an interesting moment.

-During the Pre-Curtain Call Phase-

Oh dear. It seems no one told him it’s rude to turn your other-self into a block of ice. 

“I am the ice.”

“Come shelter behind me, friends! I shall protect you from… myself?” 

Oh… wait… there seems to have been a relocation. Perhaps this is not the best place to shelter after all. 

Even behind the ice, if Amon is too close, Curtain Call can wipe you.

*Great concern rising!!* 

-Tank LB!- 😀 

I don’t know if that’s what saved us, but we survived, somehow. And the coat did not drop. The End.

Amon’s Set from Syrcus Tower Complete!

After 23 runs of Syrcus Tower, the last piece I needed for the full Amon set – the coat – finally dropped. As much as I enjoy ST, I’m happy I don’t have to run it for glamour anymore! 

I want to send a shout out to my best buddy, Zeb, who joined me from time to time on this crazy farming thing. This final run, I had Zeb along, and that must have been good luck!

While Amon won’t be wearing anything like this for a while in the story I’m writing, it’s been my goal for a very long time to get an “official” Amon outfit for him. 

When I finally saw the coat drop on this final run, my hands were shaking from excitement. There was a machinist in the party with me who could Need on it, too, so it wasn’t a done deal. But rolling an 88 had a pretty good chance in getting the drop… and it did! 

Now it’s time to take a break! 

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