Amon’s Set from Syrcus Tower Complete!

After 23 runs of Syrcus Tower, the last piece I needed for the full Amon set – the coat – finally dropped. As much as I enjoy ST, I’m happy I don’t have to run it for glamour anymore! 

I want to send a shout out to my best buddy, Zeb, who joined me from time to time on this crazy farming thing. This final run, I had Zeb along, and that must have been good luck!

While Amon won’t be wearing anything like this for a while in the story I’m writing, it’s been my goal for a very long time to get an “official” Amon outfit for him. 

When I finally saw the coat drop on this final run, my hands were shaking from excitement. There was a machinist in the party with me who could Need on it, too, so it wasn’t a done deal. But rolling an 88 had a pretty good chance in getting the drop… and it did! 

Now it’s time to take a break! 

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