FFXIV: Learning to Fit Into Eorzea

Once Amon got his fancy outfit, he learned really quickly that wearing it around might not be the best idea. In fact, he’s gone from a life of seeking the spotlight to one of learning how to fit into a new time and place.

Fitting In

“So after a certain run-in with an adventurer, I decided it might be best to focus my efforts on blending in a bit more. I decided it best to study the gear Gridanian archers choose to wear since I am passing myself as an archer-bard of sorts, and I spend much time in Gridania.  

“To make the long short, I discovered a rather functional set of replica Allagan  gear which while not exactly matching quality of the original, makes for a comfortable fit and a fine disguise. 

“It also has a magnificent mask. But, that’s besides the point.

Blending In

“Blending in… am I doing it right?” 

Lost in Thought

It took a while for Amon to learn to be comfortable around Gridania. But he found that the forests were strangely calming and comforting to him. He could only wonder why.

Fixed That For You

-Amon making minor, secret changes to improve the equations on the board at the Alchemist Guild.-

Learning to Cook

“Taking a class on Eorzean cooking tonight! I feel accomplished!” ~♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

“Koh better appreciate that she won’t have to keep shelling out for my supper. Light knows I have a big enough appetite.”

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