FFXIV: Amon’s Early Adventures In Heavensward

Amon arrived in Ishgard for the first time, finding things there to be quite… interesting. Especially with Midgardsormr’s ongoing commentary.


A weird fellow just arrived in Ishgard tonight… 

…It’s Complicated

Something tells me that Amon and Midgardsormr probably spend every conversation trying to out-snark each other.

No Entry

I’m sure I just haven’t gone far enough in the story, but it was pretty funny when Amon rides up and the gate won’t open, even with the zone line right there!

The feels when even Ishgard won’t let you back in. 

They didn’t realize Amon had already attuned in the city.

Fallen Allagan

Anyone know of a cheap glamour with a mask I can use with craftering/gathering gear? Amon’s anxiety is through the roof without a mask doing DoH and DoL, and Midgardsormr smells the easy pickings!

Expectation vs. Reality

Elezen in Screenshots: Beautiful. Graceful. Dainty. Ethereal.

Elezen in Motion: What?




“I’m flyiiiiiiiiiiing! And it’s quite fantastic!” ~♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Throw Wide the Gate!

“Upon obtaining the ability to fly last night, I returned to the gate in Falcon’s Nest that has so rudely remained closed to me. I did this with every intention to throw mockery upon said gate, now that I can fly over it.

“However, when I arrived, I found the gate wide open! These Ishgardians are perplexingly inconsistent. Or maybe they just finally realized it’s folly to resist.”

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