Q & A: Language

Koh opens her book, pen posed for writing. She eyes Amon from over the pages. “Let’s talk about language.”

Amon doesn’t respond. He appears to be engrossed in building a tower out of tomestones on her desk.

“Amon!” Koh calls to him with a hint of sharpness.

“Huh? Oh, right. I’m listening,” he leans away from the half-built tower and folds his hands behind his head.

“Language,” she repeats, getting him back on the same page. “It appears that Allagan language was fairly close to our common standard language of today. I mean, the nodes we’ve discovered and objects we interact with use a language we can understand.”

He doesn’t say anything, just shrugs a bit.

“Aside from a noticeable accent, you’ve picked up and use our day-to-day language quite well,” Koh notes. “Was it the linguistic similarities that allowed for that? How did you adjust?”

“I’m quite clever,” Amon answers without hesitation, his face completely straight.

She waits for him to expand on his statement… but he just goes back to building the tomestone tower.

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