FFXIV: Amon’s Adventures in Housing

Amon purchased his own apartment in the Lavender Beds, then proceeded to set up his study there. Not too long after, the Free Company also invested in real estate…

Diagnostic Module

“Finally got a Diagnostic Module for my apartment. Quite excited!”

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

“Needs a few mods, however. I’ll worry about that tomorrow.”

Amon’s Study

Amon’s apartment really started to take shape this weekend! I’ve got most of the large pieces I wanted to add in place including a small stage, aquarium, small walled-off sleeping area, and the Comfy Carbuncle Corner™. I know I’ll keep adding details to it, such as decor on the back white walls (and dyeing them some color – haven’t made up my mind) but I’m happy how it’s come along! 

Free Company House!

After camping a housing lot in Lavender Beds for almost three hours tonight, my main was able to snag our Free Company an estate! Not the prettiest of plots, but it’s a start. Will be turning this into an Odder Otter house as soon as we get the workshop done and materials organized for it! 

Oh, and Amon has a new glamour.  

True Friends…

…relocate your FC house to a plot in Shirogane when you’re asleep. 

So scratch last night’s post when I said we picked up a plot in the Lavender Beds for our Free Company. I woke up this morning to frantic messaging from my IRL best friend, Zeb (eventually to be Scylla – whom some of you have met and probably run things with). 

I was solid asleep catching many Zs but when I woke up and saw this, I was super stoked! 

I guess Amon is going to get a taste of Hingan culture sooner than I expected!

Bonus: Roof Access!

Amon’s Notebook: Shirogane

Over the past weekend, our Free Company took the plunge and invested in real estate. They call it a Free Company house, and I was quite content to place it in Gridania. However, other members had different ideas, and I found us relocated to a place called Shirogane. 

Zuri was beside herself about the move. She says this is quite close to her homeland in Yanxia, which I’ve still yet to see. And while this place feels entirely different from the Shroud that I’ve grown accustomed to, it certainly has a beauty of its own. 

I’ve not yet been cleared by circumstances to enter the city of Kugane proper, but Zuri still encouraged me to spend some time exploring our new home. So, I decided to take a night stroll through Shirogane. 

This culture appears to love colorful lanterns, ornate but functional design, and lots of tall, sloped rooftops. Much of the area was decorated due to the Moonfire Faire, but I have a feeling there would still be a number of lanterns even without that. 

One has to wonder how this is not a fire hazard. 

This bomb imagery is either really disturbing… or something I can get behind. I’ve not made up my mind on this topic yet. 

Even within the developed housing area, there are places that offer the sense of meditative peace. The landscape is dotted with lovely little ponds and streams, which give rise to arched bridges. 

Just up the path from our house, a majestic mountain rises, stone woven through with a serpent-like tree of the likes I’ve never seen. There I discovered a little glade of bamboo and what appears to be a shrine of sorts, perhaps. 

Zuri has made mention of the Kami that her people believe in – I’m not fully certain if this is different from the Twelve in Eorzea, however. I haven’t properly discussed it with her, so she may be willing to enlighten me more on the topic later. 

I wonder if this, too, is an expression of faith to these Kami. 

I shall have to ask Zuri next we talk. 


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