Housing Get!

Just a quick little story because I’m so very excited! 

When my Main moved servers on Friday, the one thing I had to give up was my house on Midgardsormr. I’d been living in Shirogane, a plot I relocated to with the newest release of houses, and was happy for my location.

However, long, long before that, back in Feb 2015, I bought my very first house in the Goblet way up on the cliff, in secluded Plot 59. I lived there for close to 3 years – and despite the fact that folks tend to look down on the Goblet, I was always happy with my home. 

I’ve been chasing a new house ever since I moved to Mateus, and have sadly seen a number of them slip by for one reason or another. I noticed early this morning that plot 59 in one of the wards had become available, but was on a timer. So I’ve been visiting it all throughout the day, semi-camping in hopes to see it open up. 

As the day wore on and it got later, I figured it would unlock while I was sleeping, so I didn’t have a lot of hope of grabbing it. But then, I logged in one last time before bed, and sure enough, was able to get my old plot back on my main character!!!! 

It’s like Mateus is welcoming me home! 

It’s funny how things come full circle sometimes. 

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