FFXIV Character Cards

I used to make these cards from the FF14Card site for my mains on my gaming blog. Because I just moved servers on almost all of my characters, I decided to go through and update the old while making them for all my RP characters, too.

I know some – especially Koh and Mocho – are really messed up when it comes to being leveled on the right job. Mocho doesn’t even have any Gladiator leveled yet, for example! That’s because with this new move, I’ve switched around alts and renamed and fantasia-ed and that sort of stuff. But, one day, I’ll get them all on the right track, I promise! 

For now, just wanted to share the card maker in case you want to make some cards for yourself! 🙂 

(Yes I realize that Zuri and Mocho share the same Nameday, but that’s because that’s the equivalent of my own birthday IRL… and I just didn’t think to change it when I fantasia-ed. Oops! 

And yes, Amon’s Nameday is the LAST DAY of the year.

BTW, this is my main: 

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