FFXIV: Celebrating the Moonfire Faire 2018

The Moonfire Faire of 2018 was the first in-game event that Amon ever attended! This was back when they first introduced the jumping puzzle (which no longer exists in the event, likely due to flying being added to that zone).

Amon’s Notebook: Moonfire Faire

‘Twas my first ever exposure to an Eorzean holiday today. And while I came, lured by the expectation of a fine new pair of eye wear, I must admit that I experienced an unexpected bit of enjoyment while I was there. Perhaps I’ve underrated this beach thing a bit too much. 

It was raining when I first arrived in Costa Del Sol, which fit the mood when I discovered that part of the season’s festivities included an obstacle course. I wasn’t so certain that my clone-coordination would be up to the challenge, to be completely honest. 

Constructing a large wooden platform just to challenge themselves? Eorzeans are so odd. 

As strange as it is to me, it still appears to be a popular pass-time. So when the weather cleared up, I gave it a go, and somehow managed to make my way to the end. After dispensing my infinite wisdom to kittens and commoners, I was gifted a fine set of beach-bum wear, and found myself a place from which to better observe the event happenings. 

The fireworks took me by surprise. The last time I saw fireworks… I can’t even put a date to it. It was so very long ago. 

Watching the people frolic with their own sparklers and seeing their unbridled determination to reach the top of the silly wood tower… I try to resist, but this world has a way of making me feel things that I thought I’d forgotten.  


Shots from the Moonfire Faire

Shots from the Moonfire Faire.

Amon’s having way too much fun being a beach bum. Saw the sun set, saw the sun rise. A real party animal (if you consider camping out on a rock all night watching fireworks a party animal)!  

Moonfire Fun

The rest of the crew is having fun in Costa Del Sol as well! 

Floating People Bridge!

“Eorzeans are odd. But if this is the custom, very well.” 

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