FFXIV: The Spliced-Together Screenshot Thread

In the past, most of the screens I’ve used for my story posts only include one character at a time – since I only have one account, multiple characters in a picture require some digital art trickery. 

For A Chocobo’s Tale, I decided to try my hand at some of this Photoshop splicing, and the pictures above are the result. I’m kinda proud of them because unless you’re really looking for it, I tried to make it not super in-your-face that these are actually two screenshots blended into one. At least, IMHO. 

The chocobo ones are included because that is not the companion company chocobo that wanders around with you. That’s the Amber Draught, which you can’t get a picture of unless you’re riding. 

So yeah. Splice! Splice! Splice! 

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