FFXIV – Week 3: The Tewawa Predicament

Three weeks ago, I hired a new recruit for my squad named Tewawa. Almost the moment I signed the squad papers, she hated me. 

As of today… she still hates me. 

She hardly speaks to me and her face is always bent into a perpetual frown. I once asked her why she remained in my squad since she always looks unhappy in my employment. She muttered something about needing the pay.

She’s only an itty-bitty thing… hardly much taller than my boot. But, I tell you, with that frown of hers, even I don’t want to mess with her. 

Tonight, I tried to make a friendly motion. I thought maybe if I placed myself below her level, she would look upon my effort favorably. 

It…. didn’t work. 

The search continues. 

Do you have issues with your squad members? What do you do? Any suggestions?

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