FFXIV: A Wild Scylla Appears

When my IRL best friend decides to roll a Scylla character for the fun of writing a rival to Amon…

The Meeting

“Hello… excuse me. You look familiar….”

“Aren’t you… no… NO!

The fun begins. My RP buddy finally rolls a character and joins the fray!

Amon… What Are You Wearing?

Hold on! Is that…


Scylla’s first run through Syrcus Tower – the hat dropped for them both. She seems less than thrilled, however.

99 Percentile in Life

(Random chat RP between myself and Scylla)

Scylla: I’m going to Ishgard. I’m on your trail, Amon.

Amon: Have fun. A lot of snow there.

Scylla: How did you get earmuffs… that fit those… nevermind.

Amon: Excuse me? It’s a nation of Elezen. It wasn’t that hard.

Scylla: Your ears are unusually big for an Elezen’s ear.

Amon: Have you done the research to back that up with data? Did you go about Ishgard and measure the length of ear of the other Elezen there?

Scylla: Actually, yes… I was looking for some reason to make fun of you, and it turns out that your ears exceed the 99 percentile ear-to-face ratio of your race.

Amon: Let me see that.

Scylla: *lets him see her Tomephone*

Amon: *eyebrows lift as he scans the data* Well… I suppose I can be happy to be in the 99 percentile of something in life. *beams a wide grin*

Scylla: It’s the inverse for head to ear size. Big ears… small brain.

Amon: *frowns*

Scylla: *big grin*

-To Be Continued, I’m Sure-

Scylla Visits

Scylla came over to Amon’s apartment to take some screens specifically for the short RP I posted earlier today. These are some bigger versions of a few of those shots I took. 

Scylla may pick at Amon quite a bit, but he’s amused that she’s so short that he can sit on the ground and be almost at eye level with her while she’s in a chair. 

Hopefully we can start working on some of our collaborative RP story line this weekend! We’ll see how it goes!

Dusk Vigil

Amon assisting Scylla with an unsynced Dusk Vigil. She always looks so serious.  

Fractal Continuum

Amon and Scylla enter the Fractal Continuum.

Scylla’s Room

I was surprised that Scylla bought a room in the FC house and actually decorated it in order to give us a space to RP for the current “Confrontation” segment we’re writing. Usually, she doesn’t do much in the way of housing and decor, so this is a big move into fluffs-ville for her.

She quickly learned that Scylla was so short that she needed to be standing on the table in order to properly /slap Amon. So a series of silly screen shots took place. 

…Including Gilly getting aggressive at Amon.

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