FFXIV: Koh Level 50

Koh wins scholarly recognition (aka ding Level 50)! 

One of her recently published research papers on Allagan theory has been noticed by other historians in her field. Of course, she pieced some of it together thanks to a few hints she got from a certain someone, but the work and presentation itself were all hers. 

Congrats Koh! 

(Summoner Koh just for the fun of it.)

Part of the reason I managed to level Koh to 50 over this weekend was because my RP partner has been hard at working leveling Scylla for our future RP stories. We both had a three day weekend, but I don’t think either of us expected to get this far. 

She leveled Scylla from 1 to 50 in three days! 

We still have yet to do Castrum and Praetorium (ugh), but will be tackling those tonight. 

We’ve been kicking around backstory and RP plots, and I think I’ve coaxed her into the idea of rolling a Tumblr for shared writing. She has a lot of neat ideas for Scylla so hopefully everything falls into place and she can share them. 

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