FFXIV: Level 70 & End of the Dragonsong War

Amon’s adventures finishing up the MSQ between Heavensward and Stormblood.

Level 70!

This bard finally got level 70 tonight! Still not done with Heavensward, though.

Also still haven’t decided on a bow glamour.

Access Denied?

“This node’s user data banks were obviously corrupted with the passage of time.” 

Mayhaps a Temporary Alliance

Amon’s a little nicer to Midgardsormr once he becomes a slightly bigger dragon.


Burning through MSQ lately, finished up through 3.1 tonight, and had to pause to take a screen of the obligatory Dark Amon in the cutscene after the Singularity Reactor. Thought it came out pretty cool looking! 

Grand Meele

Still working through MSQ and laughed tonight when during the grand melee (which I’d forgotten about), they stuck Amon in House Fortemps colors. He actually does a pretty okay job in blending in with the Ishgard Elezen, huh? Well, except for toting around an Allagan bow.

Dragonsong War Finished

Finished up the Dragonsong War arc tonight! 

Getting closer and closer to Stormblood and Kugane!

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