FFXIV: Into Stormblood!

Amon rolls into the Stormblood expansion in style!

It’s about time! Finally, got Amon to Stormblood tonight!

This means I could get those Bard job quests done, and he’s got a new fancy-pants level 70 skill and set of AF armor. Not sure if I’m going to work it into his glamour or not yet. I’m sad at the hair-collar clipping, but it seems rampant with this hairstyle.


Okay. Who let this bard into Kugane, and what were they thinking when they did?

‘Tis but a smol Mol

Amon arrives in the Steppes and meets Cirina.

Lost Allagan

Serious-looking Lost Allagan gear for a seriously lost Allagan. 


Amon hit level 60 Botanist tonight, which means he meets the Namazu tribe! 

Don’t worry, he didn’t tell them no. 

Bonus… Amon in the level 60 gathering set… before he glamoured it.


Ok, who gave Amon the keys to drive this thing?


Have a Steppes rainbow from Amon.

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