FFXIV: Amon’s Revenge – Full Curtain Call Wipe

It can happen! 

So in tonight’s Alliance run, we got ST. There were some new folks, so someone was calling mechanics. Well, this time, people listened to mechanics TOO well. 

They said “Frogs can break ice with fire breath.” And… that’s just what they did. 

They broke every single ice block. 

I was laughing so hard as Amon got his revenge and wiped the whole alliance with Curtain Call (I’ve actually never had that happen before). Thankfully, the alliance was really chill and they explained to people what happened nicely. 

More ST shenanigans! 

Scylla and Amon were sighted right away in our party tonight. As we rolled up to the Scylla fight, conversation began. 

Fun run, guys. Even with the wipe!

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