FFXIV: Then & Now: Amon

The first screenshot of Amon dates back to 9-18-17. The one on the left is a shot I took just as he was entering Gridania for the first time. Even back then, I knew I didn’t want to show his full face in any of his screenshots, so I don’t think I actually have a screenshot of his face from back then. 

I haven’t actually changed too much with him, though. I think I went back in and tweaked him to have a smaller eye size – it gave him a slightly less kiddie look… not that it helped that much. 🙂 

Bonus Pics to Embarrass Amon!

Even Amon had to go through the subligar rite of passage…

He touted around in this outfit for quite a while after he finally got out of subligar. In fact, I think a lot of the earliest story pictures show him in this outfit. 

And then, there was the transitioning between this outfit and actually having Amon’s full glamour. It took exactly 23 runs of Syrcus Tower to complete, and some of the mis-matched gear was pretty funny! 

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