FFXIV: Starlight 2018 Celebrations

Amon and Scylla enjoy their first Starlight in Eorzea!

‘Tis the Season?

“Aye, I do believe it ‘tis!”

Dream Hat

“Scylla is often too serious… BUT. When I gifted her a Dream Hat, she did wear it!”

Starlight Fun

Allagans are having some Starlight fun! 

This event was practically made for Amon – the achievement is even called Curtain Call!

Decorating the Apartment!

Putting up some holiday decor in the apartment!

Starlight. Starbright.

Decorating the FC house for the season!

Starlight Eve

Happy Starlight Eve to all! 

Top: Scylla tells Amon to “Talk to the Hand!”

Bottom: Choir girls Koh and Scylla

Starlight Wishes

“Hoping that on this Starlight, you get to spend it with someone that you… uh… can mostly tolerate. 

“…To a point. 

“…Until the snark starts to fly. 

“…Er… Happy Starlight!”

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