FFXIV: Amon Dabbles in Raids

I never originally created Amon to be a raiding character, but he still ended up doing alliance raids, Omega raids and farming ponies.


Scylla twisted my arm and I unlocked Raba for Amon tonight.

He only did it to gain entry to the Prima Vista, of course. Now to get hired on as one of the cast! 

Fine Fellows

“Let me introduce you to a couple of fine fellows!”

Never intended on taking Amon into Omega raids, but he needs a better weapon to raise his ilvl. Not to mention they put the Level Checker housing item in!


“Spoils of the raid! Got this spiffy new monitor for my lab!”

Rolled a 99 on the Exdeath minion on the first run – it was meant to be! 


Luck has been on Amon’s side with minion rolls in Omega so far. He’s gotten both of them on the first try. Also got all of the Crystalloids he needs for his new weapon. Just need to scrounge up a bit more Mendacity.

Prima Vista

“I assisted the crew of the Prima Vista with unraveling their predicament… and was rewarded by a bit of dramatic brilliance in the end! Those children seem to have a bright future!

“I heard tell that the ship is remaining in Kugane for the near future, and is even hiring. Perhaps Jenomis will consider my application – do you think?”


Someone started collecting ponies for the very first time tonight! Only two left to go. 

Flame Pony Get!

Just one left to go. I like this one for Amon just as much as the lightning pony! 


Amon got the housecoat caster drop from the Monastery tonight.

Kirin Get!

All ponies collected!


Amon has a new friend! Yes… I’m slow in finishing Alphascape. But hey, I did it! One of my favorite endings to a raid so far! 

Got a New Shirt

What do you think? 

New Friend

“I made another new friend today… well, at least I think it’s a friend.”

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