FFXIV: Celebrating the 2019 New Year

Amon and Scylla ring in the 2019 New Year and celebrate a certain Allagan’s Nameday!

Surprise Nameday Lunch!

“I noticed something odd when I arrived this morning… Scylla was training her culinary skills!” ((And Scylla does not craft, so that’s a pretty big deal.)) 

“I soon discovered the reason for this – she’d prepared a Nameday lunch for me! And, naturally, she didn’t forget the salad.”

“Not only that, but a grand Nameday cake adorned the table, and she gifted me the most curious Magitek Avenger F1 minion! I am beside myself – thank you! 

“Not to mention, the cake is sublime.”

“…And it’s been a while since I’ve seen Scylla wear her hair without a braid. Also curious!” 

Year Begin/End Photo: Amon

January  2018: 

I wasn’t actually playing Amon in January – I’d created him back in 2017, but didn’t do much with him until summer 2018. But this is what he looked like, long before he got his hat and glamours. I didn’t change him physically, though I’ve pondered changing his hair a few times… 

December 2018: 

Yep. Same goofy bard. Different hat. Makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Actually, he’s developed quite a bit since I took the leap and decided to revisit him as a character. Very glad that I tried! 

Anyhow, 2018 has been an adventure for me in role play and dusting off my writing skills for this blog. I’m so happy to have met you all, and I hope we have lots more fun to look forward to! 

Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year!

Best wishes for the new year! Make it spiffy, friends! 

Ringing in the New Year

A couple of silly Allagans ringing in the new year! 


Getting all your maths right in the new year: a good start!

New Year

A pleasant event to mark the beginning of a new year. 

Piggie Hats

“Piggie hats obtained! I think I like this holiday!”

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