FFXIV: Housing and Decorating

Decorating continues with Amon’s lab, a new ballroom and an overhaul of Amon’s apartment!

Music Corner

I mentioned I’d be making a music corner, so here’s the start – a little stage area on the lower floor of our Free Company house.

Amon’s Lab

I’m not 100% done with Amon’s Lab, as I know I’ll keep adding odds ‘n ends to his model collection. But I did finally craft his Behemoth trophy tonight, and have most of the major pieces in place. 

He’s got a library, a performance stage, a study and a lab area – complete with a holding tank! 

Oops… looks like Scylla got stuck in there. I wonder how?

FC House Yard Makeover!

I’ve been holding on to a few outdoor items to work on a makeover for our FC house’s yard, and finally just got it done last night. I realize the pictures above were taken at night while it was raining, but I almost think it adds to the atmosphere a bit! 

Homewood Cottage is decorated, tagged as RP, and always open to friend visits. The personal rooms still need a lot of work, but Amon’s Lab is also open. When we’re online, there’s usually someone hanging out or passing through, so feel free to say hi!

Plot 14, 14 Ward, Shirogane 

Zuri’s Small Ball Room

The second RP room I finished for our FC house! 

If Dancer ever becomes a job, and if it fits with Zuri’s character, I’m considering switching for RP purposes. That inspired the idea of building a small dance hall in our FC using her private quarters. 

Like the rest of the house, it’s open to viewing (the other rooms aren’t anywhere near done yet, sorry!). Drop us a note in the guestbook if you do stop in.


A couple of shots of Amon’s updated apartment, which he may be transforming into a home business in time – which may play into RP stuff! The top shot I used for one of my story posts, but the bottom gives a look at the counter and work area behind it.

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