FFXIV: Shadowbringers Hype and 4.56 MSQ

The last thing I ever thought I’d hear was that the Crystal Tower was going to become relevant in Shadowbringers. Needless to say, that was extremely exciting to me (and Amon). Also, I had some fun during the 4.56 MSQ!

I Think I’m Moving to Norvrandt!

Be still my heart, Crystal Tower is relevant again! I’m so excited, even if it’s a dimensional version of ST. I’m really looking forward to how they’re going to develop this! 

I’m also stoked to see that the idea of a city at the base of the Tower came to be – I wrote about this concept in my Memories series, but didn’t imagine it to be quite like this!

Oh, and Zuri is going Dancer.  

The Crystarium

-Happy sigh.- 

Riding Home

Hey! Who Took My Hat!?

This isn’t canon, since Amon’s story doesn’t follow the MSQ. STILL. I thought it was hilarious that the recovery scene in 4.56 forced Amon to take off his hat in front of other people. 

It’s like, he wakes up in utter confusion – even the child who sees him without his hat seems in shock. Then he starts shooting angry frowns, even at Aymeric! 

Finally, Aymeric chills him out again in the end.


Also not canon, but have a screen of Aymeric and Estinien protecting a fallen Amon from a scene in the MSQ. It would never actually happen, but it was a sweet picture. So I had to capture it.

Become What You Must…


“And if it doesn’t take you seriously, just poke it!”

…’Twas Worth a Try

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