30 Days Till Shadowbringers – 10

10 – Favorite Job 

I can’t pick just one for this – I equally enjoy Bard and Red Mage. 

I mained Bard on my first character, all through ARR and the 2.0 series. When they turned Bard into bowmage in Heavensward, I just couldn’t handle the loss of mobility, and gave up the Bard life. I kinda floundered around looking for a new main job…

Which I only found when Red Mage came in Stormblood. Red Mage has been a favorite Final Fantasy job since FF1, so when I tried it out, I found it to be exactly what I wanted in a low-stress DPS job that made sense to me. While I did level Bard to 70 on my main, I was too taken with Red Mage to pay much attention to how it was improved during Stormblood.

…Until I started RPing Amon last year. I picked up playing Bard for him again, and found that I really like what they’ve done with the job. So now, I’m playing Red Mage on my main and Bard on Amon (though I also leveled Red Mage for his magic job). 

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