FFXIV: Shadowbringers Gathering

Amon enjoys some time leveling his gatherers in Shadowbringers… and taking shots of the gathering glamour from the start of the expansion!

Someone’s Been Fishing!

Ding level 80 Fisher! This was actually pretty easy to get following the info here.

And On That Previous Note…

Please don’t ask why the bottom two rows of Amon’s inventory are full of strange “fish” and snails. People/retainers keep sending/giving him odd things that delight him. I wish some of these could go in an aquarium! 

Hayseed Amon in Full Botanist AF Gear

He also hit 80 on Miner tonight! Done with gatherers, woot!

You Are Definitely No Angel

Who are you trying to fool?

Fashionably Fishing!

Tacklefiend’s scrip set!

Hat Light!

Minefiend’s Scrip Gathering Set

Blessed Tools

Just catching up on a couple of gathering achievements to get some glowy Blessed gathering tools for glamour!

Crafting Bonus: Ear Wings


Don’t anyone tell Scylla, but these new crafting earrings give my ears WINGS! 

Earrings that give ear-wings! Get it? 

Anyhow. That might just blow her mind a little too much. So, mum’s the word! 

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