FFXIV: Moonfire Faire and Rising 2019

Amon has fun in the sun during the 2019 Moonfire Faire and the Rising!

The Most Important Moonfire Discovery!

The Moonfire Faire Vendor sells Allagan Snails! 

The Rest of the Crew Does Moonfire Faire

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written some of these characters into Amon’s story – they’ll come back soon as I have ideas for all of them! Right now, they’re taking the opportunity to have some fun at the Faire! 

From top to bottom: Zuri, Koh, Mocho and Ben

Someone please tell Koh to stop working on vacation!

New Summer Shirt!

Amon went shopping for some new summer fashion!

Costa Boardwalk

Just chilling on the Costa boardwalk before the fireworks begin.

Amon Overload!

One clone is enough!!! Yoshi-P, what have you done?

I must admit, though, Dragoon!Amon doesn’t look half bad. The SAM robes are kinda neat, but it just would never fit him as a job.


Amon got an inspirational note from someone special today. I think he needed to hear this.

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