Animal Crossing – April 2020 Posts

Nice Hair!

I don’t know what’s more disturbing… the outfit or the decor.

Have a lovely spring day!

Amon’s AC outfit is starting to shape up!

Lab Table

“I’ve discovered a makeshift lab table! 

“…okay, so ‘tis actually a poolside bed, but close enough!”

Wishing you a Good Friday!

Amon learned how to Smirk emote today. Why did they teach him that?  He’s also got his leg stripes! Woot! Just need to work on matching colors now. Or maybe not… this IS Amon.

KABLAM-badminton! I’m in!

New Hat!

“I have received the most glorious hat from my pal Pugsleybro! My outfit is now complete!”

Also happy I could offer you a super hero mask in return because I knew your character wears one! Thank you so much for the pears and turnips, too!

I could only hop over on my main account, but it was wonderful to meet you and see your town!

The house expansion arrived!

 “‘Tis time to start setting up my new lab.”

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