Animal Crossing – May 2020 Posts

I think my yard is shaping up nicely!

Black roses, skull door plate and a warning sign… yep.

New Mask!

I was wrong before – NOW my outfit is complete. I found a perfect masquerade mask! Also, I have a new room for my stage and musical pursuits! 

The first blue rose!

It must have popped up yesterday, but I was busy with Birthday/Mother’s Day celebrations, and didn’t think to go check (or even water) my flowers. I found this among my hybrid reds this morning!

I’ve been working towards blue roses, and actually just pulled up a bunch of my flower breeding plots in dismay of learning I was probably doing it all wrong – or that I had a very tiny chance of getting a blue doing it the way I was. But I left my hybrid reds alone, just in case. 

Found this lovely lady blue this morning and was ecstatic!

‘Tis 100% accurate!


When you spend your life’s savings on a fiddle. 

Snail hoard begun!

When Amon learns you can get a snail model in exchange for three snails. Oh, lordy… why?

Protein Shake




Welcome to Friday night stand up comedy hour! 

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Happy snails!

Amon’s snail figures have arrived!

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