Animal Crossing – June 2020 Posts

Tech Wallpaper

Finally got a proper Allagan tech wallpaper for the lab! 

His lab is a total wreck right now. I really need the size upgrade for it so I can actually sort it out and make it a proper lab. Now I just need the matching floor! 

You look glorious, my friend!

Amon, stop being a bad influence on the neighbors!

His Answer Was: Classical Music

Amon is becoming quite fond of Flora. It started when she chided him for not chatting with her enough, during which she called him a BIG GOOF. After the above conversation, he went out and bought her a cute pink top that fits much better for the summer than what she was wearing before (she’s sitting down in these shots).

Look Out Scylla!

There’s a new rival in town!

Yes, but can you do this, Kid Cat?

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