Things That Will Never Happen to Amon (1) – 5.3 Style

So I finished 5.3 last night, and the irony of the ending wasn’t lost upon me. 

Amon, as I write him, maintains a healthy fear of the Warrior of Light. This makes sense from his PoV – this is the powerful hero who led the raid into Syrcus Tower, defeating Amon and Xande both. Basically, this is the person who killed Amon, and he doesn’t want the WoL to know he survived. 

So, there’s HUGE irony in the final trial of 5.3… wherein Amon gets his turn to open a can on a “Warrior of Light” by defeating him – in all places – in Xande’s throne room. 

Not only that, but I popped the Bard LB3 during our run (waited for melee to do it, and they didn’t pop it at 3%, and the party was calling for it, so…). I ended up sacrificing myself to the LB, but that being the final action I took during that fight made for some excellent /Gpose after!! 

So here’s your ironic screen shots of Amon taking down a representation of the very thing that defeated him… in the very place he was defeated.

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