Things That Will Never Happen to Amon (2) – 5.3 Style

Part 2! 

So I finished 5.3 last night, and the irony of the ending wasn’t lost upon me.

Amon walks up to the Tower gates and they happily open for him! 

This is something he’s only DREAMED could happen. It’s actually a little cruel to have it played out in MSQ but never for real. Ah, well. That’s Amon’s life. 

I do have questions about the status of the Tower, though. I probably need to go back and re-watch the end to get some clarity, if there is any. Is the Tower still “asleep” and frozen in time, or is it active again? I’m guessing it’s still “sealed” – the gates still can only be opened by Allagan royal blood. 

These are important questions for me to determine the future of Amon’s story, naturally. Anyhow.

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