Inktober 2 – Tank

Mocho is the tank-in-training of the group in Amon’s story. He became a full-fledged Paladin not too long ago, which was a dream achieved for him! Considering his background was a weaver who was called to battle by the Echo, adjusting to life in battle is not easy for the old fellow. 

I’ve actually been trying to level his Paladin lately – I’m a chicken to tank for dungeon groups, so I’ve been flailing around in PvP Frontline roulettes instead. I’m hoping to get him to level 50 in time… I’ve got a set of Ironworks gear waiting for him there, which is far more effective than that little wooden paddle (yes, that is actually his gear right the moment… I’m too cheap to upgrade it only for PvP where gear doesn’t matter). 

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