Author Notes: On Amon’s Development

Welcome to the first ever Author Notes for Spot of Mummery!

As I announced this past weekend on Tumblr, I’m changing up how I do things at Spot of Mummery. Rather than focusing on only an in-character RP/interaction Tumblr, I’ve decided to transition this project into a blogging/writing/interaction combination. This blog at this domain is now the source of truth for my creative content for Spot of Mummery and the social media accounts tied to it are either content mirrors or meant for continued interaction with others.

Due to this transition, I feel a lot more free to discuss Amon’s current character development – which has developed far, far beyond what I’ve shown on Tumblr. When locked into an in-character account, I felt I could only show what was made public for Amon through the story and light role play. Now that this is more of a writing project, I feel I can discuss other developments!

The reality is, my long-time RP partner-in-crime (Scylla) and I have written years worth of interactions between Amon and Scylla (and other RP characters we’ve developed). These span many development arcs for both of them, lots of AU-type experimental plots, many new characters who haven’t been introduced yet… that sort of thing.

Currently, Spot of Mummery (the story) has become a re-creation of these long-term RPs. We sit down together, and figure out how to condense months worth of RP into a bit of story that hopefully doesn’t overwhelm. There are a lot of subtle things that never make it in, of course. But we do our best.

The newest development for Amon (that just began over this weekend) is one that’s meant to challenge me as a FFXIV player, as well. I don’t have proper screenshots for it, so I’m going to wait to post about it until I do (probably tomorrow).

This will be the first time I talk about Amon’s current character development, rather than waiting for it to show up in his official story (which is something like a year behind who he actually is now). Granted, not everything I develop in RP will make it into his story, and with Tad’s tale on my mind, things may end up quite different as that plays out.

We’ll have to see how it works!

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