Koh’s New Old Hairstyle (Thoughts on Writing)

So I was somewhat zoning out while running Koh around for the Starlight quest – it’s a sweet quest line but when you’ve done it 10 times already, your mind starts to wander.

I started to think about how I haven’t really done Koh (or many of the OCs I write for) a lot of justice or given them screentime in 2020. In terms of developing them and writing stories for them along with Amon’s story, I mean.

I suddenly got the itch to return Koh’s hair back to the style used for her in-game NPC during this rain of thoughts. I like the braided short style, but Koh really looks like Koh with her long hair.

There’s a lot to consider for her character that I really want to. I think I’m going to make it a writing goal to cover these stories in 2021. I have a number of them in mind such as…

  • Zuri’s Ponytale
  • Ajir’s return (yep!)
  • Koh and Noah’s eventual resolution (maybe?)
  • Tad’s entire story! (I have so many ideas here)

And that’s not to count the development I want to work on for Amon. Now he’s getting into Red Magery and other adventures can begin!

I have plenty of stories to tell in 2021, that’s for sure!

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