3 thoughts on “Level 70 White Mage!

  1. Good choice. I don’t really care for the Scaevan’s set appearance for any role, except tanks. I liked the tank armor… IIRC, anyway. My tank armor is Neo-ishgardian stuff now, as that’s where I got the gear to before I stopped really playing.

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    1. Same, I’m not a big fan of the Scaevan look overall. Amon’s main class gear is a mish-mash of Neo-Ishgardian, drops from Bunker runs and a few Tome gear pieces from last gear cycle. I haven’t been in a huge push to get Tomes this time around.

      The ilvl he has is high enough to do current content, and if I run up against an ilvl issue with content for next patch, I’ll just pick up or craft some of the new Exarchic stuff.

      And I see what you mean about Neo-Ishgarding gear for tanks. I love the look of it for the aiming set, but for tanks that seems a little too ruffle-y.

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