FFXIV: Healer Aggro – Featuring the No-Stack Tank

Scylla says I’m starting to become mean in game now that I’m a level 74 White Mage. I don’t think I’m mean, I just think I have more ability to mete out justice.

For example – yesterday’s Alliance Roulette took us to Syrcus Tower, which is obviously my favorite raid. The tank was no shining star throughout the run to begin with. He was not new to this run – he just seemed not to want to put any more effort into it than he had to. It wasn’t until the final boss when he earned my Healer Aggro.

I got the purple stack marker and brought the circle where it should be – near Xande, not overlapping other circles. The normal deal. At first, the tank and another DPS (and a few folks from another party) were in my circle, and all was well. At the last moment, before the shared damage was distributed, all of them, including my tank decided to step out of the circle, and let me die as I ate all the damage. Then, they happily stepped back in the circle to levitate.

I know this is something some folks do during this mechanic because I’ve seen it done before many times, but in this case, it resulted in the death of one of the healers in the party. Really, stepping out of the stack to avoid damage isn’t needed – the healer will heal up your damage – that’s our job.

Now this is bad sportsmanship on the part of the DPS, yes. But, to me, this is an ultimate failure of the tank to do his entire job, which is to protect the people in his party.

This is RUDE to do to anyone in your party. But letting your healer die on purpose as a tank is like biting the hand that heals you. I was of half a mind to say or do something snarky, but Scylla warned me off from it.

Anyhow, guess who didn’t get heals for the rest of the fight? Once I communicated my anger to Scylla, we both cheerfully decided to not do our jobs for the tank that couldn’t be bothered to protect his healers.

When he died, right at the end of the fight, we also didn’t rez him. I don’t know if he was lying there waiting for a rez or raging about it or what, but he also didn’t self-rez that I saw.

I’ll just state that as a healer, I will run across a boss arena to save someone if I have to – DPS included. In fact, I have a soft spot for healing DPS because I main DPS and know what it feels like to helplessly watch your life dropping with a healer that doesn’t give a care for the DPS in the party.

However, if you’re purposely rude to your party members. Yeah. You get my Healer Aggro. And a lot less heals from me.

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