Moogle Treasure Trove Starts Today!

See the official webpage for details on awards and what content to run!

It’s that time again – running Prae until you’re over and done with Such Devastation!

The Moogle Treasure Trove runs from today, the Ides of March, until the launch of Patch 5.5 in April. Check the link above to see what content awards what number of tomes. Thankfully, for those who are running Ivalice raids for Relic, this will give your numbers a bit of a boost.

This time around, there are several new mounts on the list including:

  • Blissful Kamuy Fife
  • Tyrannosaur Horn
  • Falcon Ignition Key
  • Nightmare Whistle

And making a return is the Namazu Earring!

Lots of good stuff on the list, so get out there and farm some Tomes!

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