Tome Appraisal for Saraza Nerthai

From the Client…

A Xaela-looking woman in attire akin to an alchemist enters the building and goes to the front, “I was told you examine unique or otherwise interesting tomestones. I discovered this one-” She places it down, “-in the Fringes while … exploring near the Dimwold.

Thought it of some worth, but I’m currently wary of the usual folk who decode them.” Spotting the menu, she smiles at the Elezen, “Mind if I have a spot of the Vanilla Verity? A second if it might be a while. Thanks much.”

Tome Attributes: Violet circuitry, faded & illegible etching on back

Gil Donation: 845

Tea Order: Vanilla Verity

Amon gave a polite head-bob to the alchemist, though she didn’t provide her name. That was fine. Not all of his clients may want to be known. She already seemed to have some interaction with folks who provided a similar service, so he’d have to be sure to go the extra mile to hope for a return client.

With a flourish, he introduced himself as a proper shopkeep should, “Well met, friend! I’m known as Amon and I’d be more than happy to see what secrets your Tome might hold.”

With a slight hum, the Elezen fixed her tea and brought it to the table nearest her.

“It shouldn’t take too long, but if you’d like another, please let me know!”

With that, Amon headed to the Tome reading device, which still needed a name, and got to work.

Appraisal Outcome

‘Tis a Tome of some interest, indeed. I’d not say it has earth-shattering data contained within, but what it does record isn’t found every-day — this is a fairly original piece of historical documentation.

A rough translation of the topic is: Environmental Design: Journal of the Allagan Environmental Design Research Center.

Value: This might have some value to scholars and historians. I’m not so certain if Tome collectors will spring for it since I don’t see it as being overly rare or unusual. So I doubt you’ll net any high value from trying to sell this outside of the normal market. If you want to contribute it to the bettering of historical knowledge, though, you may find welcome doing so.

Amon returns the Tome to the alchemist with a slight nod. “You won’t get rich off it, aye, but there’s more to be valued in the world than mere Gil. Speaking of which, thank you kindly for your donation – ’twill go to bettering the services provided here! Please feel free to return with Tomes in the future!”

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2 thoughts on “Tome Appraisal for Saraza Nerthai

  1. “Excellent. This may very well provide me some information about certain things, should I be fortunate with its detailed contents. I shall peruse the report at my leisure and, with luck, I may bring back any other interesting artefacts I find. I’ll keep my eye out for this place again.”

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