FFXIV RP Directory Updates

Happy Monday to you! Here’s some updates to the FFXIV RP Directory!

As always, if you have a character profile, location or event you want to add, just fill out this short form and I’ll review and add you to your proper server page!

New Primal Server RP Resource

Today, I have a wonderful surprise!

I was contacted by Edda of White who is the owner and curator of Edda’s Housing/Venue Encyclopedia for Primal – an extremely valuable RP resource for the Primal Data Center. While I don’t feel comfortable just adding entries to the Directory without the owners sending a Submission (I take that as giving permission to use the information), was was overjoyed to have Edda’s permission to link to this resource in the NA Data Center section of the Directory!

If you’re listed in Edda’s resource, you’re more than welcome to Submit here, too! Also know that I’m absolutely happy to link to existing resources like this one to share them around. Anything to help people find each other more easily!

New Directory Submissions

Please let me welcome the newest friends of the Directory:

  • W’seru Ihsir
  • Aislinn North
  • L’enore Arhien
  • Saide
  • Eliane Requingris
  • Laelia Belisar

It’s also my honor to add one additional well-known event:

  • Lucky Sparrows

Thank you all so much for your submissions and for all the work you’ve put into your profiles and pages!

Again, the Directory is open for new submissions from here on out. We accept RPers of all sorts – new and veteran, casual and hardcore – anyone with hopes to get their profile/page out there and connect with others is welcome here!

No Judgement – Just Role Play. 🙂

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