May 12 – FFXIV RP Directory Updates

Here’s the newest updates to the FFXIV RP Directory!

As always, if you have a character profile, location or event you want to add, just fill out this short form and I’ll review and add you to your proper server page!

New Servers Added!

New servers representing this update:

  • Jenova
  • Diabolos

Welcome to the Directory!

New Directory Submissions

Please let me welcome the newest friends of the Directory:

  • Bekizine Shadowclaw (Balmung)
  • Eligos Venator (Balmung)
  • Yume Garlond (Jenova)
  • Mirai Garlond (Jenova)
  • Katsu Kanashi (Diabolos)
  • Roland Plantagenet (Mateus)
  • Y’aromirr Okeya (Mateus)
  • Naoh’li Moshantu (Mateus)
  • August Mercer (Balmung)
  • Event: Teatime (Balmung)
  • Location: Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern (Balmung)

Thank you to everyone for their submissions and great looking pages! As always, if you find anything incorrect about your entry, please let me know and I’ll be happy to fix it!

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