May 14 – FFXIV RP Directory Updates

The FFXIV RP Directory wants to add you!

Do you have a LFRP thread? A character page? A carrd?

Do you want to share that with other folks? The FFXIV RP Directory wants to help!

Just fill out this really short Submission Form and we’ll get you listed as soon as possible!

New Servers Added!

Now! For the newest updates this FanFest weekend!

A new server is representing for the first time – welcome to Malboro!

New Directory Submissions

Please let me welcome the newest friends of the Directory:

  • Zephirin de Valhourdin (Malboro)
  • Naivah Forrest (Mateus)
  • Catherina Renard (Mateus)
  • Hythlodaeus (Goblin)

Thank you all for sending in your wonderful character profiles! You’re looking super sharp, if I might say!

Again, the Directory is always open for new submissions. We accept RPers of all sorts – new and veteran, casual and hardcore – anyone with hopes to get their profile/page out there and connect with others is welcome here!

No Judgement – Just Role Play. 🙂

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