Spot of Simmery- 1: Bee Box

Let’s set the scene with this post. I decided to start by playing Amon’s father, Eniopus, as a bachelor. I’d rather him run into Iva organically and see how it works out from there. 

What a scruffy geek! 

I wanted to try out the Tiny Living pack, so I set up a micro living lot for him and placed this really cute home on it. You can find it in the Sims 4 Gallery as Gardener’s Tiny Starter!

I deleted a few items so that he could afford it on the 20K Simoleons he starts with, but other than that, it’s just the same as I downloaded it. Really cute place with lots of possibilities when it comes to making a living off of gardening. It also came with a laptop, which is a plus. 

So, Eniopus checks out his new pad and what’s the very first thing he wishes for

A bee box. 

No kidding. 

Okay, well, it’s not very expensive, and he might make some cash off the honey. So I get him that bee box. 

I’ve never played with a bee box before, so I made the mistake of plopping it down next to an area that would be walked through often (next to the gardening plots). I didn’t know that then, but I do now. 

So one of the things you can do with a bee box is “Bond with Bees” or such. Well, you wanted the bee box, so go for it Eniopus! 

Eniopus looks far too happy standing in a swarm of bees. It’s a bit disturbing. 

Let’s try it one more time and see what happens. Be one with the bees! 

Oh wait… 

I guess that was a little too much bonding. The bees get irritated and of course he gets stung. 

Hm. Well, this is an interesting start to this little adventure. 

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