Amon’s Tea and Tomes – Now Open for May!

Submit your Tome for appraisal until May 31 to enter the May Mogstation Giveaway!

Tea and Tomes is back and better than ever! I took a month off in order to upgrade my equipment and provide better services for future clients.

Over and over, when offering appraisals back in March, I became acutely aware of the need for a data backup feature – especially in light of important content on Tomes that may be close to failure due to wear and tear. Thanks to all of the donations received, I will be able to offer this service – for free! – upon client request.

I hope that you’ll give me an opportunity to try this new feature out!

It doesn’t take very long to set up a backup, and I will happily provide you with the content on a specialized SDTome card that I’ve developed that is compatible with most modern Tomephones. You’ll find this as an option when you bring your Tome for appraisal.

May’s Mogstation Giveaway: One individual will be randomly drawn from those who participate in Tome appraisals – sending in this form before June. Choose one minion from the Mogstation (including from any of the limited edition FanFest minions).

Tome readings available to everyone – follower or not! Everyone will be entered into the giveaway (even if I don’t get to your appraisal before the end of the month). Feel free to respond to the appraisal as an RP prompt/thread with Amon if you wish – completely up to you! 🙂

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