Blog News: The Great Rewind

As I posted recently, Spot of Mummery (as a project) has just celebrated its 3rd year anniversary. When I moved to WordPress in December, all of the original content was transferred from my Tumblr account to here and left the way it was initially posted.

This means there’s a ton of older content on this blog that’s doesn’t really fit what you’d consider a proper format for a WordPress blog post. Tumblr is a much more short-form platform, so I have several tiny posts and pictures scattered about in this blog that pretty much never get seen since there’s just so much of that from three years back.

I’ve decided starting in July (tomorrow!) I want to pull together some of the old content pieces from that time and consolidate them into full-topic post pieces. Not only will this make that old content relevant again, but it will form it into a more cohesive picture of Amon’s journey from where he started in A Realm Reborn into current Shadowbringers.

These will end up being brand new posts, but I might eventually backdate them again so that they fit into the timeframe from whence they came. Some of the old posts may not make the cut and will likely be weeded out and removed – those will be posts that just don’t have any value that I can see in the WordPress environment (they might have been super funny on Tumblr at the time, though).

We’ll be riding the rewind train starting tomorrow! I hope you enjoy!

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