FFXIV: How to Make a FFXIV Character Card

Make your own character card using this website!

You might have seen other players create a card for their FFXIV character and wonder where they got it from. This card includes information such as the FFXIV jobs you’ve leveled, when you generally play, and your in-game interests.

You can use this card to share character information on Discord, on Twitter, as a forum signature, or on a website or blog.

Example of my main character’s card

Cards are easy to make. All you need is a good screenshot of your character and your character’s Lodestone number.

If you’re not familiar with the Lodestone, this is FFXIV’s information website. It includes every character, free company and linkshell that exists, including yours. Each character is assigned an individual number that the Lodestone uses to identify them.

As an example, here is Amon’s Lodestone page. As you can see, it’s full of lots of useful information! You can view things like your retainer inventory, achievements, mounts, minions and more. So once you find your Lodestone page, be sure to bookmark it!

If you don’t know how to find your character’s Lodestone page, simply go to the Lodestone character search, then search for your character by name and server. Note, this is the Lodestone for NA players. EU and JP players have a different Lodestone.

The number that the card maker needs is at the end of the URL on your character’s Lodestone page. This provides the card maker with your character’s basic information.

Now that you have the number, enter it into the card maker’s form, then upload the screenshot you’d like to use. From there, you’ll be given lots of options to pick from. Note that you can drag and resize your screenshot in the card, as well.

Once you’ve got your card to your liking, click Download.

You’ll probably want to rename your image, but your FFXIV character card is now complete! Have fun!

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