Amon’s Tea and Tomes – Now Open for July!

Submit your Tome for appraisal until July 31 to enter the July Mogstation Giveaway!

Tea and Tomes is back by request!

Thanks to all of your donations and support, I have been able to further invest in improving equipment for the shop. I ran across a particularly sticky Tome that had some encryption on it back in May, and that prompted some upgrades, as you’ll see below.

Oh wait… who listed that guitar as an expenditure? :O

‘Tis… ’tis used in the shop! Really!

July’s Mogstation Giveaway: One individual will be randomly drawn from those who participate in Tome appraisals – sending in this form before August. Winner can choose one emote from the Mogstation.

Tome readings available to everyone – follower or not! Everyone will be entered into the giveaway (even if I don’t get to respond to your appraisal before the end of the month). Feel free to respond to the appraisal as an RP prompt/thread with Amon if you wish – completely up to you! 🙂

Note that because Spot of Mummery will be participating in Blaugust, reply time might be a little slow if entries carry over into next month. Thanks for understanding!

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