Blaugust 1 – Welcome to Blaugust 2021!

Hey there!

I’m departing the usual content stream on this blog to make way for this year’s Blaugust 2021 challenge/festival. If you’ve never heard of Blaugust before, you can read more information about it here!

Some of you folks from the blogosphere know me better as Aywren, blogger from my Gaming and Geek Blog. As fate would have it, I ended up with a second more niche blog that focuses on mostly FFXIV and a group of story characters I created. That’s the blog you’re looking at here.

I’ll go into more about this blog and how it came to be throughout the month. But for now, welcome to Spot of Mummery!

I’ve spent some time brainstorming up ideas for topics for this month, and while I might not get to all of these, I wanted to post a list of what I hope to writing about. Some of these are experiences and some are tips. Most deal with WordPress, Tumblr and moving an established blog across platforms. Hopefully something I write about can be of help to you!

Feel free to drop a comment if anything sparks your interest.

And if you’d like to exchange links for a blogroll, let me know! I’m happy to add gaming blogs to this site’s sidebar!

If you’re participating in Blaugust, best of luck to you! I’ve subscribed to all participants’ RSS feeds and if you’re on WordPress, I subbed to you there, too, if possible.

Let’s get this writing party started!

2 thoughts on “Blaugust 1 – Welcome to Blaugust 2021!

  1. All interesting topics you plan to cover, Aywren! 🙂

    I think in particular, I’m most interested in what you have to say on: Series posts, Launching a new blog, repurposing old content and running two blogs.

    I’ve run two blogs simultaneously before, but I don’t think it’s something I’d hurry to do again. So keen to hear your thoughts on that one just out of curiosity. 😉

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    1. It was completely by accident that this all turned into its own blog. Balancing two blogs is quite an act, but I’m lucky that this has a lot of content already there and my main blog seems to do fine traffic-wise even if I’m not posting a huge amount. I’ll cover a lot of this in the post I write.

      It certainly is an experience trying to start a new blog in 2020-2021 compared to when I first began blogging. Much more of a challenge! I’m hoping that participating in Blaugust will help drum up some interaction here. So I do appreciate your comment! 😀

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