Blaugust 3 – What is a Spot of Mummery?

“Fancy a spot of mummery?”

Now that I’ve written a bit about how I ended up with two blogs, I want to discuss what exactly is this “Spot of Mummery” thing.

It all started with a FFXIV alliance raid boss fight (Amon) and an amazing hat (Amon’s Hat). In fact, the title of the blog comes directly from a quote the boss says in game.

Sorry for the bad picture, it’s all I’ve got!

Many years before I had the idea to write stories around this character, I really loved Amon’s Hat. Bard was my main during A Realm Reborn, and this fancy big hat just seemed the perfect over-the-top Bard attire.

Though some people groan at getting Syrcus Tower in Alliance Roulette, I always find it a joy. It’s usually a laid back romp that rarely ever wipes and has a really neat setting… and my favorite boss fight. It’s always a relief to get Syrcus Tower over any other raid, especially now days.

So I’ve always like this setting, and once I got my hands on the first Encyclopeadia Eorzea FFXIV lore book, ideas started to take root in my head. There were many pages that told tales of the Allagan age and the bosses that you fight in the Crystal Tower alliance series (which are all inspired by Final Fantasy III bosses and settings). But the one that stood out to me most was, of course, Amon.

I’ve always loved characters who walk morally gray lines in stories. Here’s a fellow who is certainly not a “good guy,” but he did terrible things in the name of trying desperately to save his decaying society. His intentions were noble, his actions were not. This was pretty fascinating to me.

So when I felt the call to work on a creative story around a character in FFXIV, I chose to bend lore a bit and write a “what if” scenario.

What if this incredibly powerful and intelligent Allagan Technologist found a way to bypass his death at the hands of the raid in Syrcus Tower (not impossible!)? But the consequences were that he had to give up his power and learn to live a normal life in a time 5,000 years after his own civilization fell? Oh, not to mention, if people found out who he was, they probably wouldn’t be too keen on letting him live.

I’ve written up a page about my thoughts and motivations for this character study. So to prevent further rambling…

What’s in Spot of Mummery?

So now that I’ve got all that squared away, I want to talk really quickly about what this blog contains.

Spot of Mummery – The story. This is my “canon” for Amon’s life in Eorzea.

It started out as a short 15 chapter exploration that turned into a web serial. I do still intend to keep writing this even if my writing for it has slowed down significantly as of late. I have been moving the story out of WordPress pages into posts, one at a time. So if you see new story posts, these are just re-posted pieces as I’m organizing this site.

Spot of Simmery – A silly Sims 4 spin-off series where I stick Amon’s family in a Sims game and see what happens. Currently focusing on Amon’s parents, but making progress.

Tales from the 4th Age – A side story that I haven’t updated in a while. Focuses on Tad Kouris, my Warrior of Light character from the 4th age, and takes place after the fall of the Allagan Empire.

The FFXIV RP Directory – A side project where folks can submit their character profiles, venues and reoccurring events. I update this as I get new submissions.

Tea and Tomes Shop – An online role play scenario where folks can bring their Allagan Tomes to Amon and have him appraise them for value and content. Tome appraisals don’t show up on the main blog post list and can only be found on that page.

The Blog – The rest of the content! Aside from Blaugust, I’ve been repurposing old posts in better WordPress formats as “Look Back” type posts. I also blog about creativity and role play in FFXIV and any other topics about gaming that rubs elbows with this. Sometimes I stick Amon in other games likes BDO, Trove, or Animal Crossing and do short bits with that.

Really, the blog section of this site is the part going through the most transition since I’m moving it from Tumblr to WordPress and the content expectations are a bit different between the platforms.

All that being said, I hope this helps explain what this site is and what I’m trying to do with it – it’s more than just a blog, it’s a creative project with several different wings!

Oh, and it has my crazy Bard, Amon.

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