Getting To Know: Amon

It’s the second week of Blaugust, also known as Getting to Know You week. I think most of the blogger folks have a pretty good idea from my main gaming blog who I am. So, I decided that I would spend this week introducing folks to fictional characters instead – namely, the cast of the Spot of Mummery storyline!

Amon is the main character, so of course, he’s got to be first. His ego wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who Was Amon – Some History

Amon is the inspiration behind everything I do here. I wrote a bit about what Spot of Mummery is and how the project came to be. But I’ll go into it a little more.

In FFXIV, Amon is the second to the last boss in the Syrcus Tower Alliance raid. He’s based off of a boss by the same name in the game Final Fantasy III (he’s actually a pallet swap of the boss Hein).

In FFXIV lore, he was a technologist who lived in the final days of the Third Astral Era, back when the Allagan Empire ruled much of the land. At the time when Amon was born, Allag was in decline because the people had grown so accustomed to an easy life and reliance on technology to do everything for them (sounds familiar?). It was getting pretty bad – the lore book notes people had abandoned learning, corruption was rampant, birth rates were down and suicide rates were up.

Amon, however, was not content to see his Empire collapse due to decadence, so he set about finding a way to save Allag. Turns out, his ultimate brilliant idea was to resurrect the long-dead founding Emperor – Xande I – because Amon believed that establishing a strong leadership would inspire people and revitalize the nation. And none could be as inspiring and powerful as the original founder, right?

A page about Amon and Allag from the official Lore book

So Amon, in all his brilliance, delved deep into the realms of vivimancy and eventually unlocked the secrets to immortality. He also figured out how to revive the ancient Emperor – who had been long-dead for several centuries, his aether sustained in a stasis all this time, by the way.

To do this, however, Amon appeared to walk some fine lines of morality. He was known for experimenting on people (usually criminals or those jailed for acting against the Empire), then developing and experimenting on clones of members of the royal Allagan family. He also experimented on himself, which is what I guessed eventually drove him mad in the end.

Xande was resurrected, but became a blood-thirsty conqueror, driven to bring all nations under Allagan rule. And while he was successful in doing that, having been brought back from the dead in a very unnatural state left its mark on him. He was consumed with the idea that nothing in life mattered because death took everything from everyone. And so, he made a pact with the Void to burn the living world and all his people to nothing – because if you are nothing, then you will have no fear or pain.

Yeah, kinda really messed up.

It was these Allagans that created Dalamud, the red moon that encased Bahaumt – as seen in the FFXIV cutscene we know so well.

And it was the Allagans who caused the calamity that triggered the earthquake that swallowed their Empire, including Syrcus Tower – which ultimately sank into the earth with the Amon, Xande and their supporters still trapped within. Amon was clever and powerful enough to use the magic of the Tower to put everyone in a time-locked sleep.

That was 4,000 years before the A Realm Reborn storyline. The calamity that hit at the end of 1.0 – where Dalamud returned to Eorzea – actually brought the Tower up out of the ground. And that became the storyline behind the first alliance raid in the FFXIV 2.0 series.

If you’ve run these Crystal Tower raids, you know how the story ends. The Warrior of Light and friends go through and beat up all of the surviving Allagans within, killing both Xande and Amon.

Who is Amon Now?

As I read the story of Allag in the FFXIV Lore Book, this struck me as somewhat tragic. Here’s Amon, a guy who had every intention to do good things. To save his people. To inspire them. To give them back quality of life.

Yet, he went down dark paths, forsaking moral practices to achieve what he believed was the greater good. He spent his entire life in service of the Empire, found a way to unlock immortality and return the first Ruler… only for all of that to backfire and actually destroy the nation he set out to save. Not to mention, he lost his own sanity in doing so.

For someone called the “greatest mind of Allag” that had to have been the greatest failure and shame to endure.

All of these things – plus the fact I took notice of the Boss Amon’s Elezen ears – inspired me to think about the psychology of this character and wonder what it would be like if…

Amon didn’t die in the Tower.

It’s not too much of a stretch to think that maybe someone that intelligent had a plan in case he was killed. Someone who dealt with cloning and aether transfer surely had a backup clone of himself (from his younger years). And surely he could set up a system to capture his aether upon death and put it in this clone so that he could survive.

And that’s what I decided to write about.

So you have this ancient Allagan technologist who has lost all his power and fame, is locked out of the Crystal Tower, and now has to survive life as a normal person. 4,000 years after the fall of his own people, things are quite different in Eorzea. How does he manage? What danger is there for him – would people want to capture or kill him if they knew who he once was?

Just like the Boss Amon – literally one of the few things the game itself gives me to go by – I’ve made this version of Amon a rather eccentric, outlandishly-dressed bard. On the outside, he’s friendly, cheerful, outgoing and always there to entertain others and make them laugh. All this hides the sad failure of an Allagan within – something he dares not let people know about for fear of being hunted down by the Warrior of Light.

At first, Amon’s driven by the desire to regain his lost power and restore the Allagan Empire if there’s any possible way to do so. He spends much of his time consumed by attempts to get back into Syrcus Tower – where his tools, resources and knowledge are locked away.

However, as time passes and he fails to make any progress on this, he starts to make genuine connections with people around him and begins to see this new world as a possible home. Eventually, the story I write about him does grant him some of his magic back – certainly not as powerful as he used to be – and I play him as Red Mage and even White Mage in game.

Amon’s actually made quite a few friends over time on various social media accounts. I also write interactive RP stories with folks, though this is mostly on my Tumblr. When I feel up to it, Amon can sometimes be found in Gridania, busking as a bard should do. And sometimes signing autographs when the situation arises.

This character has undergone over three years of development – much of it not yet captured in the story I’m writing for him – so it’s really hard to briefly describe who he is and how he’s changed. Amon’s just a ton of fun to write due to the many layers he has as a character and the different aspects I can play – sometimes he’s a weird bard, sometimes he’s the Allagan “historian” who can read Tomes, and other times he’s a theater buff who is trying to score a side part in the Prima Vista’s next big play.

If you want to know more, check out Amon’s profile and the Spot of Mummery story!

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