Blaugust 10- Getting To Know: Zuri

Zuri Nimat was the name I used when I rolled my first “main” FFXIV character. She started out as a Miqo’te, but has gone through many fantasias and a couple of name changes since. Needless to say, my main’s not named Zuri anymore.

Despite the changes to my main, I always held on to a character named “Zuri Nimat.” When Au Ra were the new race, I changed her to be an albino Au Ra. That stuck, and she’s held on to this identity ever since.

So, when I started writing Spot of Mummery and needed some side characters alongside of Amon, she was one of the first I pulled into the story. I then had to quickly think up a backstory for her and figure out how she fit in.

Who Is Zuri?

Zuri is a young, albino Au Ra who came from Namai in Yanxia. I really love Yanxia as an area in FFXIV, and it has a lot of neat lore, so I was happy that I could write a character who hails from that location.

I haven’t really sat down and mulled through why and how Zuri left, but it might have had to do with the Empire’s occupation of Yanxia at that time. She started out as a traveling bard, which was part of the hook of the friendship that began to form between her and Amon. She viewed Amon as a more practiced bard and requested his mentorship, which he did provide in the early days.

Zuri’s a big-hearted, clever, but rather naive girl who has a lot to learn about the world around her. She tends to believe the best in the people she meets, and it’s that warm innocence that triggers Amon’s more parental/big-brother instincts as he gets to know her. Though Amon struggles with opening up and trusting others around him, it’s really hard for him to find fault with someone as positive and caring as Zuri.

Following the Yanxia storyline in Spot of Mummery, Zuri chooses to remain in Yanxia and help with the Doman restoration. This removed her from the main story for a while (she’s returned now). I have some stories I’d like to spin about her time away from the other characters – she came back a little different and more confident than she left.

Most notably, Zuri grew her hair out and took up the Dancer profession.

I had far too many bards in my roster, and the job was new at the time. Dancer seemed close enough to Bard (both having to do with music) and it felt right for Zuri’s personality.

She also has a connection with another Au Ra who used to be in the early Spot of Mummery story, Ajir. If I can ever sit down and figure it out, this is going to play a part in some of the future story I want to write. I noticed that they both need an update to their story profiles on this site, though!

Currently in game, Zuri is a level 80 Dancer, and about to complete Mt. Gulg in the Shadowbringers expansion. My goal is to finish up Shadowbringers for her before Endwalker drops.

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