August 11 – FFXIV RP Directory Update

The FFXIV RP Directory wants to add you!

Do you have a LFRP post? A character page? A RP event or location? A carrd? Do you want to share that with other folks? The FFXIV RP Directory wants to help!

Just fill out this really short Submission Form and I’ll get you listed as soon as possible!

New Directory Submissions

Super excited to see the second European server represent today – welcome to Lich! And warm welcome these new friends:

  • Cedu’li Nholi (Lich)
  • Sireh’ya Shilno (Lich)

Thanks so much for sharing your character pages – and woot for another WordPress creator!

4 thoughts on “August 11 – FFXIV RP Directory Update

  1. Thank you for adding my characters, much appreciated! Hoping to see this directory grow, it looks very neat!

    And yes, I found your Tumblr and got inspired to start my own WordPress blog (for the billionth time) haha, so thank you for the inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh thank you, I’m honored! I have yet to decide exactly what I want to do with Winding Paths, right now I’m mostly transferring things manually from Tumblr, since that’s what I originally wanted to do – organize prompts and asks in a better way. But I’m feeling the need to start a little writing project, something I’ve never really done (I’m a visual storyteller, mostly).

        Anyway, thank you so much for the follow, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your stuff as well!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve also moved the core of my content from Tumblr to WordPress. It’s a bit quieter here, which is why I’m excited to meet more folks building FFXIV character/writing sites! But I find it worth it in the end to build up a blog on this platform and mirror content back to Tumblr. Good luck as you develop yours!


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